Coolnahinch, Moynalty, Co. Meath


140 Acres


Property Features

  • Lot 1: Residence on 34 Acres with enclosed farmyard including Modern Cubicle House, Collecting Yard etc.
  • Lot 2: 79 Acres connected to Lot 1 by underpass with large Farmyard
  • Lot 3: 30 Acres available in lots of 20 Acres; 5 Acres & 5 Acres.

Property Description

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Coolnahinch has been an extraordinary well developed farm by the current owners and they have put together an impressive holding where they have strived to allow the operator to run the farm as efficiently as possible with the minimum amount of labour while ensuring that every corner of the farm is easily accessible and farmed to the maximum.

The new owner of Coolnahinch will be purchasing a farm with an incredible level of infrastructure including sheds, yards, farm roadways, underpass, fencing and the provision of drinkers. This farm is cow ready and needs the very minimum of investment before the farm can be put to work.

This is an amazing opportunity for those wishing to enter the dairy business, expand their existing business or to purchase a heifer rearing facility.

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